First Day| Professor McGonagall and Melinda.

Melinda had her new robe on and she clutched her bag with a bunch of extra clothes along with a carrier with a small cat inside that she got in Diagon Alley. She had gotten off Hogwarts Express by herself and was met by a giant who called himself Hagrid. As he brought her to the school, he was telling her how it was unusual for a student to come l after it had already begun, but she was too nervous to really listen. She squeaked out a quiet thank you as she entered the castle to begin her new school life as a halfblood witch.  

She had only known about it for a short time and it was only because her parents weren’t sure how to tell her. It was only ¬†after she realized she could do things other students at her old school couldn’t, that her parents had told her that her mother was a halfblood but her fathe was a muggle. Now here she was at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and she could only hope she was treated her better here. Melinda had been told in the letter to wait on the staircase leading into the Great Hall and someone would come and instruct her on what to do. She was slightly trembling as she waited and held onto her bag for dear life. ready to run if need be.

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    Melinda smiled faintly. ”I..I’ll try..” She turned and went up to where the dormitories were and found her bed. She...
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    She removed her hand from the girl and stepped towards the portrait entrance, “I will see you tomorrow morning at...